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Bec Fing Designs

2024 Annual Planner

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Rugby Stripe
Floral Mural


It's your diary and to-do list combined in one foul swoop! 

Glossy cover, full colour pages, premium quality paper - a treasure for a full 12 months. It's bright, and bold and beautiful.  

With over 400 pages, it isn't the most portable...probably best for those who don't want a mobile diary - working from home or office based.  It looks a million bucks on your desk and is sure to keep your month, your week and your day on track. If you need an on the go option, check out option 2.

The big Kahuna includes:

* Goal setting pages
* Annual planning pages
* Two page annual calendar
* Monthly planner
* Monthly reflection
* Weekly planner
* Daily planner
* Instructions galore!

For information on our Planner go to https://www.housepaddocktraining.com.au/planner